Memasak dan Memakan

ShareTea Cocoa with Rock Salt & Cheese

Here’s a little quirk to up an otherwise hectic friday. Basically I am in love with bubble tea because of the bubbles, but this particular flavor is just so good, and to really enjoy it the right way you can’t put bubbles in.

You can’t drink this with a straw. The drink comes with a small blade, used to cut a 2-3 cm slit at the edge of the plastic cover. And then off we go to sip city!

By slowly tilting the cup as you drink, the two flavors are automatically mixed. It creates a sweet & savory combo to entice the senses. Loooove it.


By and.i.try

corporate slave by day. poet by night. rock chick by default.
eats cupcakes with a sip of nonsense.

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