Tripping Daisy

Click on the pictures or the captions for some travel stories.

Tripping Daisy was actually taken from the name of a 90’s band. Their album “I Am an Elastic Firecracker” was one of those records enduring heavy rotation on my tapedeck during my pre-teen years, and I guess in some ways pretty much influenced my taste in music.

Described as a neo psychedelic pop rock band, I’m sure their version of “tripping” is nowhere near my version of traveling around the world. But what the hey, I just love the title so much.

Wanderlust. Waiting for next destination.
Us in USS
Dear Daisies in Grand Palace Bangkok
Bandung Roadtrip. Semanis Yamin, Selebar Pangsit, Seempuk Tahu.
Anak Pantai. Cinta Damai.
Viva La Vida indeed :’)

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