They Wrote That For Us

About a week ago, I came upon this tweet in my timeline :


Before that, I know very little of the people behind the IWTFY blog. True, I do read it a lot, especially at the times I feel a little bit lost. But at the same time I have no idea who actually wrote it. In fact, I didn’t really care. All I wanted was to read into the pictures and the words accompanying it, wondering if it meant what I think it meant.

Who was Iain Thomas? Who was Jon Ellis?

In short, they were “just” a wordsmith and a photographer, whose work are embedded together in a single context. But in reality, their work became beyond that. It was more than a picture with a caption. It was something that truly made people feel as if they wrote that for us. It made us feel special. It made us feel understood. It made us believe we weren’t the only one who felt whatever it is we were feeling at the time.

I am not sad to hear the news that this would be the end of IWTFY. After all, it’s only natural that some things will end to make way for more things. Instead, I wish him all the best. I can see how artists can eventually be burdened by their own creations, and other people’s expectations and anticipations. It must be hard to revisit an unhappy memory or experience for the sake of your art, when personally you’re in a happy place. As it would also be difficult to revisit or emulate happiness when you are actually not there.

I don’t know if the people behind the blog will read this or not, but anyway good luck. And thank you.

By and.i.try

corporate slave by day. poet by night. rock chick by default.
eats cupcakes with a sip of nonsense.

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