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1st Valentine

Dear Husband,
Turns out yesterday would have been our 1st valentine together. Before that there were no us to begin with. We were friends, and it would have been awkward.

That is, if we even celebrate it at all. There are too many reasons not to : we would just say it’s just another futile attemt of global corporates to capitalize off our delicate sentiments for each other. The nerd in me and the alpha-male in you would just shrug it off and say

we’re too cool for that


There was a quiz today on twitter where we had to submit our sweetest moment with loved ones. And I tried to think of ours. It turned out there was at least one moment each day for the past 104 days we’ve been together.

And then I was torn between submitting the super sweet ones by social standards, or by my standards? I don’t think people would understand and appreciate those moments that were most dear to me.

Should I tell them about our sleepy eyed g’bye-dear-have-a-nice-day kisses every morning when you drop me off at work? Or the crazy giggly conversations over warkop songs each night on our way home?

Should I submit stories of your warm bear hugs when I’m tired at work? Or the night I was a little gassy and farted so loud, and you thought the sheets or the curtain ripped and we laughed so hard until our jaws were stuck open?

Should I share how you’d serenade me with old Sinatra love songs? Or the time you chimed in when I was humming the tune of Yamko Rambe Yamko and we ended up singing a duet of it at 1 in the morning?

You see? The moments I treasured most were the ones that almost didn’t make sense -well at least to anyone else other than us.

So what I did was, I ended up submitting a picture of my grandparents. You know that one right, when he surprised her with a hug from behind? I submitted it because I think that was the kind of sweet everyone could relate to.

They’re my role model, the kind of love I aspire to be able to give you. I pray our love will also grow to be as strong, if not stronger. Grandpa wad 85 when the picture was taken, he’s 87 now and still kisses grandma goodnight every night before he goes to sleep. And although they always seem super sweet, I bet they too used to have quirky mischievous moments quite like ours.

What it all comes down to, is that I thank you, dear husband. For being you. For loving me the way you do.

And what it all comes down to is that I love you. Valentine or no valentine.

By and.i.try

corporate slave by day. poet by night. rock chick by default.
eats cupcakes with a sip of nonsense.

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