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Losing A Friend

I couldn’t think of better words to describe how I felt watching the Cardigans’ concert in Jakarta last night. It really did feel much like losing a friend. I have to say, that compared to the concerts I’ve previously been to, this is the one I went to with least preparation on my behalf. I didn’t replay the albums cover to cover and I didn’t memorize the lyrics. Maybe I’ve gotten less excited because the show was clearly titled “Gran Turismo Tour”, and I wasn’t too crazy over GT.

Musically, I guess it did show more maturity from their previous work. But personally, I identified more with their earlier work such as Emmerdale. I went so far as to posting comments on their website asking them to play their earlier albums and not make the show too GT, although I don’t know whether or not they read it.

Anyways, during the concert I thought there must be a reason why they dubbed this the Gran Turismo tour, even though it was not their last album. I guess the band evolved, and their preferences changed as they matured. Which I suppose is a good thing actually, compared to packaging the same old riffs with different lyrics instead like the common mistake done by so many other bands who hit big early.

This is why I said it’s like losing a friend. You know how after 10 years you often don’t relate to your high school best friends anymore? The ones you were inseparable from, the ones you talk on the phone to every night, and whose shoulders you cried on? You’ve grown, and they’ve grown, and most often not in the same direction. It’s good for them, but you just don’t relate in the same way you used to. And as a friend, you applaud them for having grown that much. It would be selfish if you ask them to return to the way they used to hang out with at the time. Well, this is the same thing.

The concert itself was brilliant, featuring amazing lightworks, prime vocals from Nina and nice interaction from the band. They couldn’t stop taking pictures of the crowd, and expressing their joy that we knew the songs.

Another highlight : this is the first ever concert me & Abang went to together as a couple. Huhuhu… and although he’s not so much into live music as I am, I’m touched that he gave a lot of effort to enjoy it as much as I do.  :’)

Thank You for the Music 🙂

By and.i.try

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