Yes yes, with only 3 months leading to the big day, I am currently in an altered state from previously being human to currently a … well … a blubbering emotional mess.

After I found this super cute web invite featured in Green Wedding Shoes, I am currently holding back tears in front of my laptop, while maintaining posture so as to appear like I’m working. (ah, the highlights of proletarian life).

It’s so apparent that this couple is surrounded by amazing love, for each other as well as friends and family. The illustrated parallel timeline gives me a sense that they are so in sync as a couple. You know, like the kind of couple who can just exchange stares and knows what each other is thinking about. Love it! I also the love the fact that their friends contributed the illustrations.

Although I don’t know them personally, I have this urge to wish them a happy marriage and a long long fun & artistic life ahead.