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Love love love.
Ah dasar murahan, tiap liat kain langsung jatuh cinta. Abistu bingung eksekusinya. Berikan aku wangsit hai semestaaaah. Itu kain 2,5 meter mau dibikin apaan?

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The Avengers

Have been excitedly anticipating for The Avengers and finally watched it last weekend. What can I say? Love, love, love.

Berhubung sejak kecil banyak baca komik-komik Marvel kepunyaan si babeh, and I have always liked the Marvel universe’s storylines more than DC, maka tentunya film ini sangat menghibur untuk ditonton.

What I love most is Tony Stark’s sarcasm infused humour, which was also picked up by the other characters. It made them seem a little bit more human. I hate unidimensional character portrayals, and the script for The Avengers shows us the many facets of a superhero.

Even more proud, my ‘almost’ spups was mentioned in the credit title as one of the animators (yeaaaay!!!). Sayangnya di Blitz Megaplex dilarang memotret layar. Padahal kan filmnya udah abis yaaaah 😦

I’m guessing a lot of other viewers enjoyed the movie as well, as shown by this supercute blog post. Love.