Just another cliché.

A friend asked me whether or not it would seem fake if he did a makeover (I’m talking personality-wise).
I didn’t even understand the question.
Because what I consider fake, is when you ask for other people’s judgments on whether or not it seems fake to do something with your life. Why should we even care what others think?
The decision should be based on two things :
1. Do we need to change?
2. Do we want to change?
NOT how the change would look like in other people’s eyes…
Some people try too hard to be original, while we are all actually clichés in some way or another. I have to confess that I’m also guilty of this sin. Earlier today, I was going to post some reflections on the 2010 World Cup. Then all of a sudden a friend posted her highlights of the same event. I lost the urge to post mine.
Seriously, in a world that’s been around for several million years, full of the cultural footprints of numerous civilizations, and as part of a species that rely more on modelling and social learning rather than pure instincts; I think it’s impossible to be thoroughly ORIGINAL (unless we’re talking about Colonel Sanders’ chicken recipe here).
I prefer to say that we are each unique, for although we are formed upon numerous clichés, but there are indefinite unique combinations and paradoxes of those clichés instilled in us. So perhaps there’s nothing better to do than be true to yourself. Another cliché statement. But doesn’t mean it’s not true.
As for my World Cup thingie, well you’ll see it soon. Maybe.

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By and.i.try

corporate slave by day. poet by night. rock chick by default.
eats cupcakes with a sip of nonsense.

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