Life is a Journey

Life is a journey.
So I’m thinking, when it comes to who you want to spend the rest of your life with, it’s best to be looking for a road trip buddy, instead of a child to be babysat.
Just a thought.
Because there may come the occassion when :
1. You need to take turns ‘driving’ and ‘navigating’ your life.
2. At some point there may be too many spots to stop by, so you may need to go divide and conquer, then meet up to swap stories and experiences.
3. Most likely, you will be HAVING babies later on, so you don’t need another ‘baby’ to coddle beforehand.
So… Road trip,anyone?

By and.i.try

corporate slave by day. poet by night. rock chick by default.
eats cupcakes with a sip of nonsense.

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