Loving vs Being In Love

A friend once asked me the difference between loving someone and being in love with someone.
It’s simple.
Loving is a choice.
Loving is a decision.
You nurture it, you guard it, you respect it.

Whereas being in love…is just something you stumble upon.
As they say, you FALL in love.

You can fall anywhere.
But the decision whether you get the hell up and go somewhere else, or explore the world you fell into, is yours.
It’s ours. Take full responsibility and know what we’re getting into.
Or deny it all we want.
But I believe denial won’t take you far, it has a nasty habit of coming back full circle.
And there will be moments of truth when the three evil guys -should’ve, would’ve, and could’ve- just stares you in the face.
And there will be second chances where you can decide to go for it this time, or let it go and accept that it wasn’t meant to be.

So tell me, what do you choose?