practice makes perfect

The problem of self editing in this article truly shows what I’m going through the past few weeks.

Just like every other craft in the world, the secret of being a good writer is…practice. Just keep spewing those random train of thoughts that go through my tiny cramped brain, praying reaaal hard it will somehow be comprehensible enough to a human being.

Well of course imagination, ingenuity, a damn good topic, a fresh point of view and a story telling style that captivates the reader will also prove to be indispensable to good writing. But alas, I have got a really long road to go. Come on, write write write!!! I may be spamming this blog with uninteresting snippets of mundane everyday life, or half developed opinions on some issue, please just bear with me readers (are there any actual readers out there?).

You know what I need? A mentor! You know, the authority figure that will show me gently & lovingly the error of my ways thus far, the one that will selflessly cultivate my craft to perfection, making red circles on my drafts, and giving me chores of scrubbing the floors so I can learn about the importance of process instead of focusing on the end product (starting to sound like karate kid?)

Okay stop already with the daydream. Just practice.

By and.i.try

corporate slave by day. poet by night. rock chick by default.
eats cupcakes with a sip of nonsense.

2 replies on “practice makes perfect”

Huhu thank you 🙂 ayo ayo dibikin blognyaaaa… Nanti kalo udah kasi tau linknya biar saya bisa main ksana yaa

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