Mom’s new toy.

Every now and then, we have a need to reinvent and redefine ourselves. Be it a new profession, a new job, a new city or simply a new state of mind.

My mom’s got a new hobby : making juice. Seriously, I mean it.
She just bought a new juicemaker. And a plethora of ingredients for it : plums, apples, lemons, limes, pineapples, papayas, and heaven knows what else.

Every now and then she gives the machine a little whirl, plunging cut fruits here and there as needed. She seems happy after guzzling down a mug of her creations. It’s like she feels a sense of accomplishment.

Mind you, my mom’s accomplished enough as a careerwoman. But I think this juice thing makes her feel happier. More serene.

Well, whatever works for you, right?

I’m just gonna have some juice now.