I’ve been such a naughty and undisciplined girl today!!!

With the way I’ve been spending lately, I really ought to step real hard on my spending brakes. But today is payday. There’s fresh funds in my account.
Even though in a couple of days they’ll dissapear to pay some bills and other obligations, but today my account is fat. And content.

So let’s see it like this. Payday to a. salaryman, is like the long awaited rain during dry season. It’s the thing that makes it kind of worthwhile to labour through horrendous hours working for something you don’t believe in. To some, payday is THE goal. The only reason they even took up a job in the 1st place.

So let me reward myself today. Let me splurge a little in some of life’s trivial guilty pleasures. Tomorrow, I’ll go back to penny-pinching :p

By and.i.try

corporate slave by day. poet by night. rock chick by default.
eats cupcakes with a sip of nonsense.

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