So happy that now I found a way to post from anywhere I happen to be.
Hanya sedikit iri, karena wordpress sekarang punya app wordpress for i-phone, sedangkan aku tak punya i-phone dan gadgetku sekarang ini sepertinya tidak ada app wordpressnya.
Tak apalah. Setidaknya masih bisa lewat m.wordpress.com

thank heavens for friends

On monday I began the week reluctantly, posting on my YM status : back to reality (this is supposed to be read with a lazy oh-no-do-we-really-have-to-start-all-over-again tone).
A friend tried to lift my spirits, but failed since my sombre mood was too stubborn, as shown by the following conversation:

Friend: reality is a matter of perception
Me : Yes
I just happen to perceive it as a black hole that eats up my soul
Friend : you sick dark gothic gurl
Me : 🙂

It’s great to have friends that know they won’t succeed cheering you up but still try anyway. Thanks, friend!