What my wedding dress choice translates into

so there was this online quiz about how my choice of wedding dress can supposedly portray what kind of bride I will be. However, since I will be wearing a kebaya on my wedding day, I don’t know how the quiz results will be relevant. Some of it is pretty close.
I do want a small and intimate ceremony, wherever it may be. (I prefer it to be done in a neutral location though, no religion specifics needed)
I do agree that people can make deep and eternal commitments without a piece of paper to sanctify it.

but the description of marriage : so true… (and so hard to make it come true, I hear)… oh well…

Your Dress Says You’re Classically Stylish

Your Personal Style:
Modern and simple. You like clothes to accentuate who you are, not overwhelm you.

Your Ideal Wedding:
A small ceremony at an old church with a beautiful flower garden

Your Philosophy on Marriage:
You can have a deep commitment without marriage. It’s only a piece of paper.

Your Perfect Marriage:
Simply loving each other a little more every day

the first step. always the hardest part

I consider myself to be one of those people who are not very feminine. I don’t really fit into the mold of the norm of women (or perhaps more accurate : GIRLS) my age. I’m not in a rush to jump start my relationship into a permanent commitment just yet, I’m not constantly hinting/nudging for a proposal, and most important of all, I don’t want all that YET.

Growing up, like all girls, I fantasized about weddings. But in retrospect, it was always the wedding, and not necessarily the marriage that I fantasize about. Why so? Well obviously, in weddings the girl always get to be the star of the day, all dolled up and perched on the stage like a doll. But marriage, is a whole other story.

Maybe it’s my family history, maybe my inability to build stable and sustainable relationships, but I haven’t pictured myself in a marriage ever.

This sudden realization that someday I too may want to take part in a marriage, puts me in a very strange position. While other girls may have been planning and preparing for it since kindergarten, I know ZERO.

So as my friends start to embark one by one on their journeys to domestic bliss, I’m still here. However, I can’t help to be a little reflective on what I WOULD do (note the future tense) if I were in that stage of life. So this will probably be a crash course of me, getting to know myself and my preferences on the topic (and all the little details that come with it).

Wedding stuff, relationships, making a home, child rearing and all that jazz, here I come.

how do you feel?

trying hard to find out what in heaven’s name “twitter” is, and why there’s so many buzz about it, I stumbled upon this site, which is a project that harvests human feelings. huh? bingung yaaaa?

jadi project ini mengumpulkan emosi2 manusia yang ditulis di berbagai blog. kalimat2 yang ada kata2 “I feel…” dan semacamnya itu dikumpulkan dan direpresentasikan menjadi sebuah partikel warna-warni. kayaknya warnanya menggambarkan perasaan yang diungkapkan di kalimat itu, dan bahkan mereka bisa mengidentifikasi data2 demografik orang yang memposting perasaan itu.

partikel warna-warni ini kemudian melayang2 di layar secara random, kalau diklik salah satu, kita bisa melihat kalimat lengkap perasaan yang direpresentasikan partikel itu, bahkan ada beberapa yang dilengkapi foto yang terkait. lucunya lagi, partikel2nya merespon cursor kita, bisa tau2 mencar2 atau ngikutin cursornya. kereeeennnnn…

data demografis yang terkumpul juga sebenernya mungkin bisa digunakan sebagai metode research mungkin. idenya jenius tenan menurut gue… hebatt!